HMAT Vision & Mission

The foundation of Homoeopathic Medical Association Of Telangana was laid around 50 years back by great stalwarts like Dr. Jaisoorya and many more. This Association has been rendering services to the community and state by treating patients with Homoeopathic medicine, the best and most effective alternative treatment and this Association has been successful in reaching to all classes of patients and also brought homoeopathic treatment easily accessible to patients. Presently after years of sincere efforts and hardwork, we have grown and with our heads high and are extremely proud of our Asociation as it has grown to be one of the most esteemed organizations in the recent times, wherein we have Speciality Clinics, Monthly Seminars, Group Discussions, Camps, Research Wing and looking forward to many more activities.

This association gives a platform for the Homoeopaths , students, Professors to put forward their opinions, experiences and results of Homoeopathy. The purpose or vision of this association has always being to bring Homoeopathy as the main stream treatment for ailments and sufferings of patients. Its vision is to preach the teachings of our great master Dr Hahnemann. Its activities have helped in promoting the public profile of our stream of medicine. Every now and then there are some challenges and this Association of professionals has always risen to the task of promoting and protecting the cause of Homoeopathy.

The views expressed have always lead to advancement in study and practice of this Art and Science. This has also been a sound platform for continuing medical education. Our Association has links with various national and international homoeopathic organizations that strive towards similar goals. Last but not the least it has emerged an area for unity of homoeopathic professionals.

Panel of Doctors

The passion of all the Homoeopaths is converted into meaningful action by these panel of Doctors who have been doing yeoman service by devoting their time at the Out patient clinics, Speciality Clinics and other camps organized by the Association. This is a list of those who are doing the same at this point of time.

Panel of Doctors

Dr. K.Gopala KrishnaSenior Physician
Dr. G.Chandra Darshan RaoSenior Physician
Dr. B.Anitha ReddySenior Physician
Dr. G.R.MohanPrincipal,DEVS Homoeo Medical College
Dr. G.S.Muralidhar RaoSenior physician
Dr. G.Durga Prasad RaoSenior physician

Committee of HMAT

Dr.J.Rameshwar RaoCHIEF PATRON
Dr.K.Siva ShankarADVISOR
Dr.G.Chandra Darshan RaoVICE PRESIDENT-I